Moving millions of Canadians every day safely and reliably, you are providing essential services to help Canada cope with the exceptional challenges of the current COVID-19 health crisis. We recognize the strength of commitment and dedication that is shown by our work force every day. From coast to coast, our professionals are doing their very best to ensure that the highest standards are met both on the road and in depots and garages all across Canada. While many people work from home and await the end of stay-at-home guidelines, our workers continue to brave the coronavirus pandemic by going to work to keep essential parts of society running. The easiest way to thank essential workers is by following regulations put in place to keep the nation safe.

Thank you for your courage and your dedication to all of us and to safety.



Sometimes referred to as the “forgotten step,” orientation is a vital part of the recruitment process. In orientation, circumstances have changed. We are no longer dealing with a candidate whom we are trying to decide if we are going to select. In orientation, we are dealing with employees (see note on Heaven or Hell?). For this reason we may feel it is not as important to be aware of or use “best practices.”34 Whatever the root causes, we need to see orientation as being an essential part of the process and like each of the four other parts we should be using the best practices available.


34 It is interesting to note that when employees participate in an orientation session it is normally the first time they are being paid - an even better reason to use “best practices!”




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