Yes you can hire the right person!
“How can I find good people?” “I have more openings than I have candidates”.
“We train them, someone else hires them.” “I’m too busy running my business”
Sound Familiar?

Planning, recruiting and orienting new employees are some of the most important investments in business. These investments are particularly important when the skills and competencies of a key member of the workforce play a vital role in the survival and success of an organization. In the motor carrier passenger industry, regardless of the sector - urban transit, intercity, tour and charter, school or accessible services – the bus operator plays this role.

In Canada, this industry employs over 100,000 people. Of this figure, approximately 70% individuals work as bus operators. It has been estimated over the next ten years, at current operating levels, more than 40 percent of the existing driver workforce will have to be replaced due to retirement and attrition1.

This requirement, to recruit and hire more than 28,000 new operators, represents an unprecedented challenge and opportunity for bus companies. If companies are able to attract and retain individuals with the interest, knowledge, and ability to fulfill the demanding role of a professional bus operator, they will survive and thrive. If they are unable to attract and retain the right people, they run the risk of failure.





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