The process of actually hiring a candidate, in contrast to planning, recruiting and selection is relatively straightforward. Notwithstanding this statement, it is a process that is very important because the hiring is where a contract, that is legally binding, is formally established between the candidate and the company. In addition to recognizing the contractual nature of the hiring process, it is important to realize, after marriage, the relationship between employees and their employer is the most important contractual relationship in most peoples’ lives. Therefore, just as we would not think of marrying without paying attention to the “ceremony” involved, we need to think of hiring in a similar way. With this thought in mind, the objective of the hiring part of the recruitment process can be stated as being: In a manner that reflects the values and goals of the company, to formally establish a legal relationship with the candidate that clearly outlines the terms and conditions of employment, respects the provisions of Human Rights Legislation and safeguards the needs of the company’s other stakeholders.





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