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  1. Who determines whether my company training programs can be accredited?

    The Registrar will make a thorough report after evaluating the documentation submitted by each provider. This report will be carefully reviewed by the AC Board and they will give their recommendation. 
  2. Is there a cost to this process?
    The MCPCC Board of Directors has established a fee schedule based on the number of employees.
  3. How long does accreditation last?

    National Accredited Training Provider Programs and courses are subject to review and renewal under the following circumstances:
    • When the National Occupational Standards (NOS) have changed thereby requiring a declaration attesting to the compatibility of training relative to the changes.

    Each provider will submit the changes to their training program to indicate that the new additions are now included.  
  4. If some of my current programs don't meet the guidelines and some do, can my company be given a qualified accreditation pending the updating of the program that needs to be revised?
    Accredited programs will meet or exceed the National Occupational Standards (NOS). All programs to be accredited will be reviewed by the Registrar using the National Occupational Standards (NOS) as the foundation. If some courses seem to be deficient, you will be asked to resubmit your training courses. There is no pending status.
  5. I've heard from friends who work in hospitals and other institutions that the accreditation process can be very disruptive. What's the impact on my workplace?

    The process is very collaborative and should not unduly disrupt your environment.  Evaluators will conduct a review of the documents you submit and will only come to your training site if requested or required.
  6. Some of our training programs reflect the MCPCC's National Occupational Standards while others do not.  Does this affect our ability to get Accredited status?
    The principles of Accreditation are that a training program adheres and teaches to an established NOS.  If you have complementary programs which enhance drivers' knowledge, ability to drive safely and deal effectively with public situations, these would be considered enhancements to the core accreditation


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