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2011 - 2012
Projected and onwards

  • Certification Program for Bus Operators Training Instructors
  • Accreditation and Certification Marketing
  • Pre-Employment Education E-learning (All NOS Blocks)
  • NOS for Bus Operator Training Instructors

2009 - 2010 Council’s 10th Anniversary

  • Skilled Trades Commission Action Plan Execution
  • Bus Maintenance Technician Endorsement
  • Generic CPBO Training Program for SME’s
  • Best Practices for Skilled Trades Technicians


  • National Occupation Classification Matrix – Application in progress - Skill Level B for Certified Professional Bus Operator (CPBO)
  • Return on Investment Modeling (ROI)
  • Workforce Planning Model
  • National Resource Centre
  • Career Pathway Management Program – presents industry MCPCC Accredited Training equivalent to college level training
  • Pre-employment education program
  • Accreditation and Certification Programs
  • Modified Coach technician/Bus Maintenance Technician Endorsement
  • Apprenticeship Standards


  • Sector Study ‘On the Move’ released January 2007
  • Skilled Trades Commission
  • Five year business plan
  • Sector Study Action Plan implementation


  • Sector Study ‘On the Move’ published December 2006
  • Certification & Accreditation designations ongoing
  • SmartDriver program for School Bus launched
  • Council Marketing and Promotion National Campaign


  • Certification & Accreditation launch events across Canada
  • Sector Study in full swing with industry consultations,
    stakeholder interviews, benchmarking site visits and
  • SmartDriver program for Motor Coach launched


  • Certification implementation
  • Accreditation implementation
  • Sector study update
  • Fleetsmart "Smart Driver" Fuel Efficiency Program:
    ¤ Launch Motor Coach Program
    ¤ Develop School Bus Program


  • Career awareness finalized, launch and evaluation
  • Certification and accreditation programs finalized
  • Research study of labour shortages in trades, apprenticeship
    programs and bestpractices for succession and mentoring programs
  • Fleetsmart "Smart Driver" Fuel Efficiency Program
    ¤ Launch Urban Transit Program
    ¤ Develop Motor Coach Program
    ¤ Commence development of School Bus Program


  • 2nd certification focus group
  • Feasibility study released
  • Behind The Wheel published


  • Certification Feasibility study underway
  • 1st certification focus group
  • Recruitment best practices guide - Behind The Wheel - validated
  • Commence career awareness program


  • NOS Published
  • Recruitment best practices research
  • Upgrade Special Needs Rider and launch


  • Council established
  • Development of NOS
  • Career awareness program underway


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